Creative Services Questionnaire

Let's get started

I am so excited that you've elected to team up with me. I would like to thank-you for the opportunity to provide you with a creative services package.

Creating and developing a brand or a website for your business is an important step to ensure the success of your company, and I am honored to be a part of this journey.  

Project Information

Each project is unique, and therefore each custom project requires its own timeline that is based on the complexity of the project, the industry, and the availability of all parties. Actual timelines and start dates will depend on my project calendar, your specific needs, branding add-ons,when holidays and vacations fall, etc. This will all be discussed and finalized when booking your project.


Communication can make or break a project.I understand that schedules can be hectic, and that as a business owner, you are often pressed for time, however, in order for this project to be successful it is essential that we develop a good line of communication.

Creative projects require the client and the designer to both be present and mindful of details and deadlines. During all stages of the project, I encourage you to provide honest feedback. Your opinions are valued and important to me.


Creative and other one-time projects
Project Collaboration is a vital element of the process and should be taken seriously. I find that it is better to use a collaboration tool which offers the ability to correspond, upload documents and images, send direct messages, and more.

Using a collaboration software offers a variety of benefits for creative projects, including:

In my opinion, the best app to use for this type of collaboration is SLACK.

I encourage you and any other stakeholders to create an online account with the slack, which will enable us to share files, communicate, and collaborate on your design or branding project. 

Please note that I am open to using alternative applications, like Trello, if you're currently using it.

Routine Services and Recurring projects
For clients that subscribe to a routine or periodic service, I will periodically request or confirm your preferred method of contact.

I will make every effort to abide by and use your preferred method of contact.

I encourage you and any other stakeholders to create an online account with the slack, which will enable us to share files, communicate, and collaborate on your design or branding project.  


My process
Please visit my process page, where you will find more information about how I work.

The Questionnaires

New Client Information
Here you will find a simple questionnaire that is designed to collect the necessary information required for us to work together. If you have not completed it then you can access it here: New Client Information
Creative Services - Website Design and Brand Development
This questionnaire is the beginning of the Discovery phase of your Creative project. While I prefer to conduct this questionnaire in person, I have designed this questionnaire for those that find it difficult to get together for a face to face interview.

It is important that you take the time to complete the questionnaire with as much detail as possible. Vague answers will debilitate my ability to gain a clear perspective and develop a purposeful plan for your project. Regardless of whether or not you think that a question is relative to your project, please do not discount its importance.

For prime results, it is best to complete the questionnaire void of any distractions. You will find that it is difficult to answer some of the questions, however, please do your best to complete these and all questions to the best of your ability.

If you have any questions or if you need clarification; please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best of Luck and I look forward to working with you.

Questionnaire for Creative Services projects