My Process

Designed with you in mind!

Website Design Process

I believe in creating websites with purpose. Whether that is to help you make more sales, develop your brand, grow your local business, or promote your unique product, I'll make sure that every page is designed to meet your organizations goals and objectives.

My approach to designing and developing your website

Audit & Discovery

I will learn all about you and your business including where you are now, and where you want to be.
This research will help me to define the scope of the project, set milestones, and objectives.

Customer Journey Map

By mapping out your customer's journey, I can better understand the pain points of your customers and format which features and elements that need to be included in the design. ‍

Concept Design

I'll design a Concept to portray how your website will look and how it should feel. This phase will establish the character and personality of the site, which will aid in developing or enforcing your brand.


At this stage I will create the framework for your key pages and elements. This will help us to see how the website flows.


I will combine the design concepts and the Wireframes and begin to build out the design in Webflow (unless another platform has been predetermined as a better fit).

Website Build & Testing

Here I will finalize any design elements, set-up integrations, create website animations, and optimize for mobile and tablet responsiveness.  

Design and User Experience

All of my websites are designed and created from scratch. By using a blank slate at the beginning of the design, you will be certain that your website is uniquely designed to benefit your organization and your customers. By steering away from templates, themes, and website builder platforms, your website will help you stand out from your competitors and provide a positive experience for your users.

Why I use Webflow

The majority of my website designs are created using the Webflow platform. Webflow is a visual website building platform that is backed with clean HTML, CSS, and Javascript. By using a visual building platform, I can easily match the design concept at a faster rate than if I outsourced the development to a website coder.

In addition, Webflow's powerful CMS is a perfect fit for clients that want or need to update their content frequently. This makes it the ideal platform for bloggers, retailers, local service professionals, and more. Additional features include shopping carts, and online payment processing integration making it ideal for those that need a better e-commerce solution.