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Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Strategic Planning

Content Marketing has transformed the marketing industry over the past few years. In fact, you’ve heard about its rise to royalty. I mean, everyone is talking about it. But to have content worthy of royalty, it should begin with a plan. Mood Boards, Brand Style Guides, and Keyword Research all play an important role in creating quality content that can provide value to visitors on your website, blog, or social media pages.

Before you create a massive amount of content, you will need to create a plan.  


A plan should incorporate elements that align to your mission and your goals.

When you implement a strategic marketing plan, you can position your content to work for your company. Most businesses throw out whatever content they can. In most cases it is good content but does it have a purpose? Does it link to any of the company’s objectives or to any business metrics?  Is it producing any results for the business? 

The importance of aligning your content marketing plan to your business goals is a critical step. 

Content Creation and Writing

I understand the importance of the WORDS written for your website. If your content is not well-written with value, and if we do not optimize it for SEO, then your content will not make it to the screens of your intended audience. Creating content is tough, but with the right plan in place, you can identify what content you need to help you achieve your goals. This alone makes getting and distributing content a lot easier, and you’ve eliminated all the guesswork.

Choose a freelancer that specializes in Content Marketing

Your time is valuable, you’re trying to grow your business and while you understand the importance of a Content Marketing plan and creating quality content, you’ve got other tasks that need your attention. By hiring a freelancer that specializes in Content Marketing, you can trust that your content will work for your company.

I am dedicated to learning about your business to ensure that the content on your website represents your business and helps to establish your brand. If you are ready to see the power of content at work in your business, then hit the button below to get started. I limit space, as I only commit to a certain number of projects each month, so don’t miss out....

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