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Mood Boards

There are multiple advantages to constructing a Mood Board during the discovery phase of a new Website Design. You can also implement a Mood Board when a client is seeking a new look or wishes to Re-Brand their company.  

Mood Boards can offer tangible evidence of the research phase and provide insight into the overall aesthetics of the design itself.  The Mood Board uses pictures, text, and other design elements to give an overall feel of the design concept and to ensure that the designer captures the look, style, and voice of the client. 

Implementing a mood board into a web design project will help to ease any misunderstandings or incorrect perceptions between the design team and the client. This reduces the number of revisions that are needed before receiving the final approval of the project.

Mood Board for Circle of Angels Hospice

Unique Tip: I like to add a personal touch by incorporating a list of the client's core values into the mood board. This has been extremely successful in helping to get the right design elements in place for the right client.  In addition, the clients have particularly liked this detail and seem to refer back to it all the time.

Circle of Angels Mood Board

Atlanta Online Studios Mood Board

AOS Mood Board with Values
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