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Website Design

Challenge: Initially the target audience was identified as the patient, however, the discovery portion of the project revealed that the patient was not always the person that was seeking information relating to hospice care. Nor were they the most lkely to pick up the phone to requestion information.

Hospice & Palliative Care Website - Page I'm a Patient

Solution: Identifying the primary influencers on the Home Page, which in addition to the patient was, the family members, the caregivers, and the physician. and their struggles on the homepage. From there, each influencer was addressed using a subpage to address their concerns, and fears.

UX methodology was used to help the influencers and other users to navigate to the specific subpages of the website. These sub pages included high quality content that specifically addressed the influencer's concerns and their pain points.

The content was written to provide valuable information to the user. Each section of the website had a purpose and the content was written with a specific purpose in mind. Educating and informing the user about the advantages of Hospice Care was the primary focus. 

Website Content

Whether your website consists of only one page or multiple pages, the content should be clear, concise, and purposeful.  Website Content should also be formatted in an easy to read format. Since most users do not read your content word for word, then it is advisable to include elements that allow the user to scan the content to pick up on the key points of your content. Elements like bullets and numbered lists are one way to achieve this result. Additionally use bold headings and sub-headings along with short paragraphs, which allow the user to quickly skim and identify areas that are of interest to him/her

Atlanta Online Studios About Us page
Atlanta Online Studios - About Us Page

Website Content should include graphics and imagery that compliment the design of the website.  Images have the ability to capture a users attention and help to keep the client on your page.  Make sure that your graphics are relevant to the page and the topic. Unrelated graphics can confuse your website visitors causing them to leave your website and search for their solutions elsewhere.

Angels Ask Webpage Design
Hospice & Palliative Care Website - Angels Ask Page

Website Re-Design

If you've had your website for a while, and if it is dated or no longer represents your brand, then it is time to consider a website re-design. The cost to re-design your website will vary depending on many different factors. For example, will you need new content or new custom graphics? Will you be changing to a new platform or changing to a new hosting provider? Does your current site allow you to add and edit content without the intervention of a developer? If not, then a good CMS platform can save you money after the launch of your newly designed site. The most important thing is that your website's navigation is intuitive and doesn't make the user think, and that the content is well organized and of high-quality.

Website Re-Design for Beyond Paper Profit Advisors

Website Design - Services Page
Service Blocks

Atlanta Online Studios - Website Design
Atlanta Online Studios - Website Design

Responsive Websites

Your Website should be responsive. This means that the website creator should make adjustments to the the layout to ensure that the content and the graphics show up well on smaller devices like tablets and smart phones. If your website has text or graphics that are cut off or require a horizontal scroll then this will result in a poor user experience.  The importance of having a mobile responsive website is crucial and also affects your ability to rank on the search engines.

Hospice Website Design- Tablet View Breathe With Me
Tablet View - Hospice & Palliative Care Website Design

Tablet View - Hospice & Palliative Care Home Page Design

Content Marketing Website Design Atlanta Online Studios
Content Marketing Page Website Design
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